Height: 5’9″
Agency: Central Florida Talent Agency
Testimonial: “I’d been modeling since I was a little girl and have always enjoyed it. I actually thought I had already knew everything I needed to for runway since I’d had so much experience. Well that was until I had the opportunity to work with Roquois for Park avenue fashion week 2013. She opened me up to a whole new way of presenting myself, both on and off the runway. Her training added confidence and a bit of sass to my modeling style. Since working with her I have signed with local talent agency Central Florida Talent who scouted me from the PAFW runway show. Since being with the agency I have stayed busy booking different runway and print work, as well as my first national television commercial! I remember her lessons every time I step into an audition or strut down a runway. I’m very grateful to have met Roquois and would recommend her training to anyone, newbie or seasoned professional. “


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