Models We Have Developed


Height: 5’8″ Agency: BMG Models Florida Testimonial: Roquois, a fashionista & personality to the stars is a teacher among talented artist herself. Her powerful presence is among the top of the people I’ve come to meet in the industry. She …


Height: 5’11” Agency: REDNYC, Major Paris, Major Milan  


Height: 5’10” Agency: Slate Models Testimonial: Roquois has been amazing in helping me improve my walk and she has helped me make connections with so many people. I don’t know where I would be now without her!   


Height: 5’9″ Agency: Central Florida Talent Agency Testimonial: “I’d been modeling since I was a little girl and have always enjoyed it. I actually thought I had already knew everything I needed to for runway since I’d had so much …


Height: 6’1″ Agency: Unsigned  


Height: 5’10 Agency: Unsigned Testimonial: Roquois is absolutely amazing! She’s taught me so many things about the fashion industry, myself as a person and opened many doors for me! I love her!!!!!


Height: 5’7″ Agency: Benz Model and Talent Testimonial: You, Roquois, have helped me out so much this past year! You’ve put in such good words for me with designers and stores and have also helped me do pretty much all of …


Height: 5’11Agency: UnsignedTestimonial: Roquois helped me become a stronger and confident runway model. I’ve seen her turn a potato into a beautiful diamond and she continues to amaze me.


Height: 5’8.5″ Agency: MC2 Miami, Prodigy Models, and Benz Models. Testimonial: You were the first person to teach me how to walk. I would come to your private lessons to learn from you and you were hard on me until I …


Height: 5’9 Agency: Unsigned Testimonial: Roquois is the reason I even began modeling. From day 1 she was always there for me to help and assist me with whatever I needed. The difference from where I started and where I am …